Decorating Date Night
with Troy and Dina

For insightful and helpful tips on interior decorating, please be sure to watch “Decorating Date Night” and visit the blog page of this website.  When it comes to interior decorating and relationships, always remember that what’s on the inside is what matters!

Dina’s background includes having once been the owner of Divine Decor By Dina, a decorating specialist company offering living space planning, color consulting, kitchen and bath design, furniture placement, ‎and more.  She’s continued to take on projects just for fun since then.  Her specialty includes creating a cohesive look, making the most of existing pieces, accommodating tight budgets, and perhaps most importantly… bringing harmony to relationships, even when a couple disagrees about how they want their home to look.

Troy knows only what he’s learned from Dina about interior decorating, but he’s helpful when moving furniture!  He is fascinated by how fast Dina works.  Not only her efficiency but also her effectiveness.  He realized that if he’s fascinated, then others will be, too!  And so, “Decorating Date Night” was born.

The name “Decorating Date Night” was chosen for three reasons:

1. The time spent together is, in fact, Troy and Dina’s date night together.

2. When working with other couples, the time becomes their date night, as well.

3. And as people gather to watch “Decorating Date Night”, they can treat it as a date night for themselves.