Season 2, Episode 15: “Copper Shower Here We Come”

This episode arrives in installments.  Troy and Dina walk through the various stages of replacing an improperly installed shower with a totally new concept… a copper-walled shower!

This project was initially introduced in Season 2, Episode 12 and also featured briefly in Season 2, Episode 13.  Below are a series of videos averaging about seven minutes each that cover various stages of the process.  (The total running time, if watching all five videos consecutively, is 35 minutes 20 seconds.)

Short Video #1:  The end of demo Day.  Down to the studs!

Short Video #2:  Early-Project Update.

Short Video #3:  Shopping for the new shower head.

Short Video #4:  Mid-Project Update!

Short Video #5:  Late-Project Update!

Stay tuned for the final reveal… which is featured as Season 2, Episode 16.

Season 2, Episode 14: “Feeling Like Home in Less Than a Week”

This was more of a “Decorating Date Week”… without the dating aspect!  In Episode 13 there was a short teaser video showing the “before” status of a decorating overhaul project.  Episode 14 provides a fuller peek at the “during” status of the project.  “Decorating Date Night with Troy and Dina” will return to the newly purchased home of Andrew and Dani to tour the “after” look of the project when it is completed.

Following less than a week of work, this transformation already includes changing much of the flooring, painting half of the walls, determining furniture placement in nearly every room, taking step one in the backyard clean-up, prepping for the knocking down of a wall, and adding some finishing touches that really personalize the spaces.  So, even at this stage, the final vision for the home really begins to take shape.

Season 2, Episode 13: “Meet the DIY Designer”

Dina has started a new podcast with a friend called “The DIY Designer”.  Since the podcast is audio only, there will be occasions when video will be helpful.  So, the “DIY Designer” videos will be re-purposed on this website as re-branded Decorating Date Night bonus material.

Below are three short videos.  The first explains decisions behind a bathroom repair.  The second walks through the beginning of a full house makeover.  The third features a cameo by Dina’s dad turning a felled tree into do-it-yourself centerpieces!

Here’s a link to the DIY Designer podcast page:


Season 2, Episode 12: “Demo Day in the Shower!”

Troy and Dina reverse roles.  Dina goes behind the camera and narrates as Troy begins the process of taking apart a tiled shower.  The tile will be replaced by copper!  Stay tuned for that reveal in a future episode.

A lesson for all is to keep tabs on sub-contractors.  The only reason this remodel project is necessary is because the job was done wrong the first time.  (Regular drywall was used behind the shower tile, creating a breeding ground for mold that wasn’t discovered until tile began to pop loose years later.)


Season 2, Episode 11: “The Newlyweds Four Months Later”

Decorating Date Night with Troy and Dina is back at the home of Scott and Caitlyn for the big reveal of their four-month project!

Season 2, Episodes 6, 7, and 8 had Troy and Dina selecting colors, arranging furniture, and shopping for decor.  Now, most of the big work is done and you get to see the results.

Plus, there are bonus cameo appearances by the now almost-grown-up puppy Urban and his two playmate cats Nermal and Perry.

(Nermal is named after a Garfield character and Perry is named after the pop-rock singing legend Steve Perry.  How cool is that!?)

Season 2, Episode 9: “Two Longtime Friends”

Decorating Date Night with Troy & Dina pushes well into season two!  Originally posted on Facebook Live, taking your comments and questions for live responses, you can still watch it and comment on this website.  Troy and Dina will happily respond to your thoughts and queries.

This episode capped an evening spent with two longtime friends, Bruce and Terri, during Mother’s Day weekend.  Dina shares advice on flooring, cabinets, wall color, and counter tops.  If that’s not a “Happy Mother’s Day” weekend event, what is?!

Season 2, Episode 8: “Shopping with the Newlyweds”

During Episode 6 of Season 2, Troy and Dina went to the home of newlyweds Scott and Caitlin to select wall colors and determine the best use of space.  Then during Episode 7 of Season 2, existing furniture was relocated as the vision for the floor plan began to take shape.

Now, in Episode 8 of Season 2, IT’S TIME TO GO SHOPPING!  A number of great finds were discovered for the home, including a big beautiful dinning table with eight chairs for only $250!  As Dina likes to say, “You can’t make it for that!”

(Sneak peek ahead:  Episode 11 of Season 2 brings Troy and Dina back to the newlywed’s house to check on the status of the home makeover.)

Season 2, Episode 7: “Still at the New House for Newlyweds”

During the previous episode Troy and Dina visited a couple named Scott and Caitlin (and their dog Urban) to determine furniture placement, wall color, and light fixtures for their dining room, kitchen, and family room.  Well, once the episode was over the wine flowed, the conversation continued, and furniture was moved.  Give Dina enough time in a home and there is little doubt furniture will end up being moved!

Anyway, because a number of high-impact changes were made, it was decided to do a very quick re-cap update episode… and so here it is!  Episode 6 was one of Decorating Date Night’s longest videos (at nearly 67 minutes).  Episode 7 is one of the shortest (at less than seven minutes).

Season 2, Episode 6: “New House for Newlyweds”

Troy and Dina visit a couple who live out in the woods!  Scott and Caitlin recently moved from a much smaller home into a house nearly twice as big, so they need lots of furniture.  But first, they want to get the walls painted, the light fixtures replaced (and relocated), and figure out how to best make use of what they already have.

This episode focuses on the dining room, kitchen, and family room.  And if you like dogs (and who doesn’t?!), then you’ll love the adorable four-month old Airedale Terrier named Urban!