Video Episodes

Season One, Episode 15: Finishing Up Home Renovation

All is patched up after the walls were knocked out.  New paint colors were chosen.  Cabinets were re-purposed.  Additional decor touches are added.  Rearranged furniture takes place right before your eyes….

There are a few small touch-ups to be done (aren’t there always!), but this project is now done!  How fun!!  See the finished product here.

Season 1, Episode 14: “Knockin’ Out Walls”

This episode has three parts!

Troy and Dina provide a seven-minute preview of a big kitchen/dining room project.  This is followed by an action packed full episode, with hammers wielded, utility knives unsheathed, and screw-drivers spinning!  Definitely not for the faint of heart!  🙂  Then there’s a seven-minute preview of Episode 15 (which will be the completion of the project begun during Episode 14).

Hope you enjoy!

Season 1, Episode 13: “Lucky Thirteen”

This one is short, but sweet!

Troy and Dina look to help a recent college graduate make the most of her new apartment.  The space is small.  The furniture is not.  Finding a workable solution is challenging.  In the end, it all comes together with simple rearrangement of all the furniture that was already in the room.

This is by far the shortest episode of Decorating Date Night ever (as less than 20 minutes).  Enjoy!

Season 1, Episode 12: “On-the-spot, In-the-moment, Trouble-shooting”

The first ever follow-up episode of Decorating Date Night!

Troy and Dina revisit Jenna’s home from Episode 11.  The spray painting is done, the wine rack is assembled.  And the bar stools are purchased.  What ensues is an adventure in hanging the wine rack (not without significant challenges) and an adventure in putting together the bar stools (also not without significant challenges).

Also hear the “Ten Rules for Finding Your Husband”!  And watch Dina learn to play the marimba!  Decorating Date Night episode 12 is a real hands on affair.  Enjoy!



Season 1, Episode 11: “Live Action & Music Are Fun!”

Furniture moved.  Nails hammered into the wall.  Paint sprayed.  Wall hangings put in place.  See all this, plus a “magic” garbage can, a camera shy dog, some heavy lifting, and live music played on a marimba.  This episode is not just a decorating program, it’s a variety show!

See below for the full episode.  Sometimes it’s surprising to witness how dramatic improvements can be achieved with just a few simple changes.

Here’s the short preview video for this episode.

Season 1, Episode 10: “You Floor Me”

Choosing the right floor for a split level house presents its own unique challenges.  Creating space separation while bringing design harmony to the home can feel like competing issues.  Be encouraged, there are happy solutions to be found!  In this episode of “Decorating Date Night” Troy and Dina spend time with a couple to help them decide upon the products that they both love.

The spaces involved include: foyer, kitchen, dining room, front room, and guest bathroom.

Below is the short “teaser” video for this episode.  You’ve got to love the t-shirt!

Season 1, Episode 9: “In the Kitchen with a Designer”

Dramatic kitchen changes are often the most expensive home make-over projects any homeowner tackles.  How should choices be made regarding flooring, cabinets, back splash, appliances, seating, counters, and colors?  In this episode Troy and Dina enter the home of a longtime friend who just happens to be a kitchen design expert with decades of experience.  Learn how to showcase your style, while achieving functional balance, and still remain within budget.

Note:  The cellular signal dropped out just as Troy and Dina were about the exit the car and walk into the house.  So, this episode is presented in two segments.

Segment One:  Introduction and Kitchen Tips

Segment Two:  “Facebook Live” from Inside the Home

Season 1, Episode 8: “Bed and Breakfast”

The need for new decorating projects can often seem to never end.  However, in this episode, “Decorating Date Night” takes a behind the scenes tour of a bed and breakfast that is already fully decorated.  Learn the history of a home that is more than 130 years old, including: tidbits about the Revolutionary War & Civil War, some of the construction methods of years gone by, and the decor choices of our upper-middle class great, great, great grandparents.  Hanging out with the owners and guests of “10 Clarke Place” was a special experience.  Enjoy sharing this experience with Troy and Dina!

Season 1, Episode 7: “Independent Living”

Troy and Dina take Decorating Date Night to an apartment in an independent living facility.  The challenge: how to create balance and livability in a small room with three chairs, television, two tables, and two large pieces of furniture.  The transformation is nearly complete by merely flip-flopping chairs, and moving other pieces of furniture just a few feet.  Amazing!

Additional suggestions for the space:  add curtain panels, a wall mirror to visually enlarge the space, and a wall sconce to provide three-point lighting.

Additional suggestions for Troy and Dina:  Find a sitter for Tylor!  🙂

Season 1, Episode 6: “Longtime Friends”

Troy and Dina take the travelling “Decorating Date Night” road show to the home of their longtime friends, Corey and Jennifer.  The house has already begun its transformation from country to contemporary with painted black doors and other DIY projects.  However, additional bold strokes are needed to finish the updating.  New counter tops, window treatments, floor color, and wall paint are all part of the mix.  How exciting!