Season 2, Episode 8: “Shopping with the Newlyweds”

During Episode 6 of Season 2, Troy and Dina went to the home of newlyweds Scott and Caitlin to select wall colors and determine the best use of space.  Then during Episode 7 of Season 2, existing furniture was relocated as the vision for the floor plan began to take shape.

Now, in Episode 8 of Season 2, IT’S TIME TO GO SHOPPING!  A number of great finds were discovered for the home, including a big beautiful dinning table with eight chairs for only $250!  As Dina likes to say, “You can’t make it for that!”

(Sneak peek ahead:  Episode 11 of Season 2 brings Troy and Dina back to the newlywed’s house to check on the status of the home makeover.)