Season 1, Episode 4: “Marrying Rustic and Formal”

Troy and Dina (with their son Tylor in tow) crash the home of Brad, Jody, and Jill!  The episode centers on the center of the house, the formal dining room and the rustic family room.  Brad and Jody have lots of cool stuff in the house already, but want help “tying it all together”.  After one hour of choosing new wall colors, shifting wall hangings from one room to the other, and moving some furniture to other parts of the house… this family is ready to enjoy a whole new coordinated vibe in their living space!

Decorating Date Night is excited to come back to this family’s home to see the BIG REVEAL when everything is completed!  Check back in the coming weeks for the follow-up episode.

As a bonus, here’s the “teaser” that promoted season 1, episode 4: