Season 2, Episode 15: “Copper Shower Here We Come”

This episode arrives in installments.  Troy and Dina walk through the various stages of replacing an improperly installed shower with a totally new concept… a copper-walled shower!

This project was initially introduced in Season 2, Episode 12 and also featured briefly in Season 2, Episode 13.  Below are a series of videos averaging about seven minutes each that cover various stages of the process.  (The total running time, if watching all five videos consecutively, is 35 minutes 20 seconds.)

Short Video #1:  The end of demo Day.  Down to the studs!

Short Video #2:  Early-Project Update.

Short Video #3:  Shopping for the new shower head.

Short Video #4:  Mid-Project Update!

Short Video #5:  Late-Project Update!

Stay tuned for the final reveal… which is featured as Season 2, Episode 16.