Season 3, Episode 5: “Mudroom Transformed into New Laundry Room”

This episode of Decorating Date NIGHT actually takes place (partially) in the middle of the afternoon.  🙂  It comes to you in three video installments.

There’s a new floorplan for this mudroom (and laundry room), including the addition of a mirrored closet, repurposed cabinets, additional lighting, and installation of crown molding (which is one of the most challenging aspects of the project).

Part A features a repeat appearance from everyone’s favorite contractor “Bob the Builder”.  It captures the start of the project.

Part B features the status of the project as it nears its end.  So, with the construction crew gone for the day and the noisy equipment shut down, Dina provides an update.  This is the second of the three videos which comprise this one episode.  By the way, look for a cameo by the nearly 16 year old pup, Angel.  🙂

Part C features the final reveal of the project as the transformation from mudroom into brand new laundry room is complete.  Dina details the design and decorating choices that were made for the project.  (There’s again a short cameo from “Angel Dog”.)